In early 2007, Giuseppe Marchegiano began to produce under the pseudonym of Hubble, shortly after the release of his first vinyl on Moulton label, he began to gather support from the underground and techno scene in Berlin and on the international level.

He likes to consider his works as tools and not necessarily created to be officially released. We can call Hubble’s works “long hypnotic journeys”.

Hubble, with his floating Techno sound and Psychedelic atmospheres has fronted a number of parties and events all around the world. We can’t assign to him a specific genre or style, that’s why he appeared on the past years in different locations with very different stories and vibes from Club der Visionaere (his favorite location) to Berghain, from Arma17 to Picnic Electronique in Montreal, from Rural Festival in Japan to Sunwaves in Romania, expressing his versatile attitude to music.

In 2010 he releases his first album “Forget me not” for the label Archipel Musique and in the same year he started his collaboration with the Berliner underground collective Sleep Is Commercial. His first collaboration with his friend Pheek as EEBB and his second album “Reverse Utopia” were released on Sleep Is Commercial and most of his releases feature on the LTD only vinyl series of the label.

Since then he has been releasing music on many other labels such as Haknam, Not So Secret Diary, Concrete Records and other unofficial nonprofit projects as unknown artist. Hubble will start in 2015 his own music label.