Dreamcast - SIC

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Started as a music label in 2009, Sleep is Commercial project has grown beyond any single idea and stands before you today as an experimental, established and experienced factory for artists.

Everyone gives their own input. Together all the inputs create one output. This is called Sleep Is Commercial. No sleep, Dream as Utopia Vivendi. Sharing as Anti-conformismus. Music and Love as Revolution.

Rhythmic and psychedelic, researched, yet fearless this is the sound of the new sleepless generation. With four label divisions and multiple projects that explore the relationship beween sound, people, electronics, human sensibility and machines, Sleep Is Commercial is an eclectic laboratory of sounds from deep-techno to ambient, experimental to enigmatic electronic jazz, techhouse grooves to trippy minimal.

Sol Asylum Mix Series

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Sol Asylum is a berlin based party and collective vinyl record label.
Sol meaning the sun or your spirit and Asylum being a safe shelter or a place where your mind and body can go crazy, this is the idea behind the berlin based event that was created in 2011 called Sol Asylum. The label is a collective vinyl art project. Each release will feature special artwork from graphic artists around the world. Fusing music and visual art together.

Our goal is to create a family of new emerging producers, visual and graphic designers that inspire each other and create original and unusual ideas. We are dedicated as a record label, as well as a party, to provide a unique auditive and visual journey.

Sol Asylum’s musical concept is a melting pot ranging from experimental, deep house to forward thinking intelligent techno. However, our main focus is to keep an open minded vision of quality underground music.

Radiobar Podcast

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Mix selection from Discobar records label, founded by French artists Guillaume Taillieu and Lamache.

Having been friends for many years and being part of a growing music culture in both Paris, London & Berlin, their work aims to synergise elements and artists of both these energetic cities to create an exciting new record label which expresses this and contributes towards a growing community of likeminded music lovers.

Melpod - Melisma

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During all this years of leaving Melisma’s mark, sound and soul around the globe our artists and talented friends circle has grown exponentially and the team decided to create Melpod and share new original ideas and interesting concepts on electronic music.

Bodyparts & Guests Series

banner Bparts & Guests series

Odessa, Moskow, Berlin and more…Bodyparts podcasts series collects current unreleased and upcoming stuff on BP recs. 

Together with great material from other labels and artists in similar genre mixed and compiled by BP crew members


UP Festival - Praga

banner UP Festival

In 2018, Prague will become the home of a new musical movement created for the sole purpose of pushing rich arts culture into new spheres and creating new opportunities in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Together, we will introduce 4 different stages where more than 50 artists will perform. They will show their talent and passion. UP Festival is a place where every artist has the opportunity to throw away his fear and show, try and show off his real artistic self. UP Festival is also a place where every participant has the opportunity to forget about the world and lose himself in the glow of lights and decibels of music. 

During these 72 hours, nothing else matters. In peace, the whole world is dancing with us.

Echoes Podcast

banner Echoes

|ˈekō| (pl. echoes)

a sound or series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.

label: jonathan@echoes-musique.com
booking/showcases: jessica@echoes-musique.com

Orient Express records in-store Sessions

banner Orient Express records

Beirut’s own café bar & record shop

LiveSoundtracks Podcast

Banner LiveSoundtracks Podcast​

LiveSoundtracks is an interdisciplinary platform founded in 2007 in Barcelona with the aim of exploring the intersection between films and music.

Since 10 years LST tries to provoke certain moments of reflexion and inspire dreams through the power of art.